Monk Monastery

Monk Monastery

70 years ago the Trappist monk monastery ‘Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity’ sprang up in Huntsville, Utah

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30 years ago I was inspired by a University of Utah film called ‘Monastery’ while in film school.  Never met the filmmaker though.

2 years ago the monastery was up for sale, only a handful of monks remained. Then my friend ‘Wynstonn’ shows up a few months ago with another friend and buys it to preserve the land. 

Through Facebook I met filmmaker Steve Peterson, Director of ‘Monastery’ and we drove to the monastery. He met Wynstonn & Steve showed his film to the 1 remaining Monk that was in his film. 

A Chinese expression, ‘no coincidence, no story.’

30 years ago I was inspired by a Chinese film…Wynstonn you reading this?

Marrakech in 90 seconds

I'll have a short documentary about Mo's rehabilitation clinic in the next month.  The therapists here are like no other I've experienced.  It's all about Love and Compassion.

My new website is up and running  I'm REALLY interested in getting my films out for discussion.  If you know of a venue, community hall, living room, etc...I would be more than eager to come by bike, airplane, locomotive, steamship to engage in a lively discussion.  


We'll be in Morocco for a couple of weeks to help document my friend's Mohamed (Mo)'s neurological clinic that helps kids with Cerebral Palsy to people with traumatic brain injuries. More on their stories and the clinic as the week progresses.  I'm also interested in what YOU, who are reading this, want to see and hear.